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10 Days Out From the Leaving

With 10 days to the start of the Leaving, students will exhibit lots of different strategies.  Mostly, everyone is trying to put everything into getting ready.  The organized ones are maybe staying organized.  The anxious ones are probably getting more anxious.  The classic crammers are pushing things, perhaps trying hard to make up ground that is difficult to make up . . . in time.

It is important to understand that there is really no one ‘right’ way.  The way that works is the way that works.  That said, some – probably more than some really – struggle to find the way that works for them.  And a couple of weeks out from the start of the exams is a difficult time to work with this self-perception of readiness.

Every student needs to work with what they have, the time remaining, the strengths of their preparation and subject command, the weaknesses in their preparation and subject command, and their ability to manage themselves through the gap and through to the end of the exams.  But every student is different and their experience is theirs and theirs alone.  This makes it hard for well-meaning assists from those around them, particularly parents.

So it is important to remember that there is no RIGHT way.  There is only that way that may be found to work for the student. If a parent were to focus on one thing, it may be that it is to support their son / daughter to find the way that works for them, not the way the parents think should work for them.

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