ExamFIT Webinar

Do Your Very Best
in Exams!

Get ExamFIT!

ExamFIT Webinar
Tuesday 7 May 2024
7pm – 7.45pm

Keys to Doing
Your Very Best

Improving Exam SKILLS

Focus on Improving Critical Exam SKILLS.  
Great exam performance requires strong Exam SKILLS – Approach, Preparation, Time Management, Question Responses, Anxiety Management, Mark Harvesting, Pitfall and Crisis Management, Handling Pressure, Confidence and Composure, Performance Psychology.

Drills and Practice

Rely on Hands-On Drills to Develop and Practice Exam SKILLS.  
Activity-based drills and practice exercises are keys to buidling effective Exam SKILLS. The ExamFIT Webinar will highlight critical drills and practice exercises to initiate effective practice regimes for developing strong Exam SKILLS.

Pathway to Results

Provide a Clear Pathway to Better Exam Performance.  
You will leave the webinar with a clear and practical pathway to
>>> improving your Exam SKILLS,
>>> being prepared to do your very best in exams,
>>> achieving better exam performance and results.

I’ll DO my very best!

Being ExamFIT, you will . . .

*  Prepare better for your exams.
*  Manage yourself better in exams.
*  PERFORM under exam pressures.
*  Meet any exam challenges.
*  Stay composed in your exams.
*  Do your very best in your exams.
*  Get the results you are targeting.

You get Reliably
Better Exam Results
by having Reliably
Better Exam SKILLS!