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Audit Your Exam SKILLS!

Audit Your Exam SKILLS!

Anyone taking an exam – at school, at college, for professional certification – has to demonstrate not just subject knowledge but mastery of a range of skills enabling them to PERFORM in EXAMS.  To coin a phrase, all exam takers have Exam SKILLS, but some exam takers have better Exam SKILLS than others.  And they tend to PERFORM better in exams!

Broadly speaking, getting ready for an exam involves both developing subject matter competence and being able, ready, and confident to deliver in the exam hall – often in the ‘heat’ of a stressful room full of anxious exam takers competing for results and outcomes.  College places.  Scholarships.  Training contracts.  Jobs.

Yet it would seem to be the case that Exam SKILLS are less the focus than perhaps a by-product of subject courses.  Anecdotally, there are stories of the ‘exam prep class’ being one of the best attended end of course class.  Exam time is at that moment a ‘then and there’ time, a place where delivery anxiety trumps pretty much everything else.

Exam preparation is getting increasing attention, both in the media and with students and parents.  Exam takers performing consistently well in exams present solid and robust Exam SKILLS.  Yet even well prepared exam takers can struggle.  Developing and testing Exam SKILLS is more than a useful activity for exam takers.  Arguably it is a critical part of exam management.  And the basis for resilient performance in lots of other activities. 

Performing an Exam SKILLS audit is key to knowing how you are set with your exam challenges.  Understanding your starting point allows you to address improving your Exam SKILLS, having taken steps to identify the key skills and to develop those Exam SKILLS and, indeed, the skill to use them!

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PERFORM in EXAMS supports exam takers to do their very best in their exams.  Our ExamFIT Workshops are activity based and focus on developing critical Exam SKILLS – the keys to getting ExamFIT and to do the very best in exams.



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