Our Coaching Director

Bernard O'Rourke

Bernard is our Founder and Coaching Director.  Bernard’s background is in psychology, education, and business, with a particular focus on performance improvement of people, both in education and at work.


With 35+ years’ experience across educational research and policy and exam coaching, Bernard has coached many students to develop and learn to apply effective and robust Exam SKILLS.


Bernard has coached students at all levels of education, including Junior Cert, Leaving Cert, undergraduate and postgraduate (Masters, PhD) degree levels, and professional institute exams.

Exams and Testing

Bernard’s interest in exams and testing dates back to the early 1980s and formed the basis for significant research, publications, and many years successfully coaching exam students at all levels of the education system.


Bernard has completed numerous research studies on examinations and testing, including a ground-breaking evaluation of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) as an alternative to the Leaving Cert in college admissions.


Articles on exams, testing, and college admissions in / for . . . Irish Times, Irish Journal of Education, Educational Research Centre, Oideas / Department of Education, Curriculum and Examinations Board.


Bernard has delivered keynote and research presentations on exams and testing to a range of audiences:  Psychological Society of Ireland; Educational Studies Association; Institute of Career Guidance Counsellors.

What Clients Say

Clients appreciate the individual attention Bernard gives, his ability to listen to and understand each individual’s specific exam challenges, and his track record improving exam capability, resilience, and performance.