Or the Junior Cert . . .
Or Any Professional Course Exams
or Finals that Matter !

Junior Cert

While attention is being given to redesigning the Junior Cert and increasing the role of school-based assessment, the exam itself is the first significant Certificate exam taken by students and requiring their exam SKILLS to be tested beyond the school classroom.

College Exams

Getting in to College is only a first step.  The subsequent realisation that solid exam performance throughout college is important comes into focus as postgraduate options and job possibilities loom large in a student’s thinking and CV development.

Institute Exams

Experience suggests that professional qualifying exams generate pressures to perform every bit as challenging as the Leaving Cert!  Jobs and contracts often hinge on steady and successful progress through institute exams.  Such pressures can be very intense and stressful.

Everpresent Exams

Exam SKILLS can be learned  any time and effectively prepare students for exams at all stages of their exposure to exam challenges, from Junior Cert onwards.  Skills learned for the Junior and  Leaving Certs remain valuable as they are transferable to other exam settings.