We're Doing the Leaving !

Leaving Cert

The Leaving Cert is a big pressure point for students.  Leaving Cert results – expressed as points for CAO purposes – are used for important decisions about college entrance and course admissions.  Exam SKILLS are vitally important as you try to do your best in the Leaving and get the results you need!

The Points Race

The Leaving Cert exam is most associated with ‘the points race’.  Students looking to CAO choices and preferences require points levels that are effectively competitive, given the demand for high profile college courses.  Points requirements may vary slightly year to year, but the pressure persists.

Valuable Life SKILLS!

Exam SKILLS can be learned  any time and effectively prepare students for exams at all stages of their exposure to exam challenges, from Junior Cert onwards.  Exams SKILLS learned for the Junior and Leaving Certs remain valuable as they are transferable to other exam settings in colleges and institutes.

A Family Thing !

Some 55,000+ families do the Leaving each and every year!  For many, the Leaving is indeed a ‘family thing’, influencing many aspects of the family’s Leaving Cert year, creating many stress points, and typically explaining the exasperation in the often- heard comment . . . ‘We’re doing the Leaving !’

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