One-to-One Attention

The Exam COACH philosophy is to work one-to-one with exam takers to improve their understanding of their own personal exam challenges and to develop and rebalance their Exam SKILL set.


Individual and Different

Every student is different and has an individual profile of Exam Skills and their own personal challenges with exams.  Exam COACH allows more individual attention to the specific personal challenges of students who find exams particularly challenging and stressful.

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Knowing Your Exam SKILLS

Every exam taker has strengths and weaknesses across the Exam Skill Set and it is critical that each exam taker both understands his / her strengths and weaknesses and takes appropriate steps to strengthen their skill profile as much as possible.

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Anxiety Management

There are very few exceptions to there being anxiety and stress in and around important exams and, while a little anxiety is helpful, too much stress can only disrupt attention and focus and the ability to perform in an exam as well as would be expected.  Managing anxiety and stress and overcoming their disruptive influences on performance is a key survival and performance skill for exam success.

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Assessing Your Learning

Assessment is one of the most powerful and under-used tools in education and anyone preparing for and taking exams needs to be able to rely on their own ability to assess their learning and use that assessment in managing their study, their learning, and their exam strategy.

Time Managment

Time management in the exam room is a very common problem and arises for a variety of reasons, some predictable and some down to events and decisions on the day.  But time management can be improved and is critical to exam success.

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Exam Preparation

Preparing for exams properly goes beyond study skills and the skills involved in being EXAM READY are both practical and learnable, with focus and practice.

Exam Room Problem Solving

Being prepared for anything that can happen in an exam room is critical for getting through exams successfully and with the minimum of anxiety, stress, and disruption to performing in the exam.

Thinking Positively

It can be very difficult to maintain positive thinking about your exam preparation and management over many long months of preparation and anxiety.  Yet being able to maintain a positive perspective and, if unsettled, to regain positivity is key to succeeding in exams.