ExamFIT Workshop

Our ExamFIT Workshop is the starting point for perfecting your Exam SKILLS.  The ExamFIT Workshop is designed to develop and perfect the core Exam SKILLS required to approach your Leaving Cert with confidence and composure, the keys to doing your very best in your exams.

Core Exam SKILLS  

Through extensive research and experience with many Leaving Cert students, PERFORM in EXAMS has identified the set of core Exam SKILLS.  The ExamFIT Workshop focuses on skills training and practice. It is entirely activity based – with drills and practice to build your core Exam SKILLS.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sports performance relies on ‘muscle memory’.  Exams SKILLS also rely on ‘practice memory’.  Better Exam SKILLS drive better Exam RESULTS.  Improving Exam SKILLS takes deliberate and sustained practice over time.  Having effective Exam SKILLS is key to doing your very best in your exams!

I’ll DO my very best!

Being ExamFIT, you will . . .

*  Prepare better for your exams.
*  Manage yourself better in exams.
*  PERFORM well under exam pressures.
*  Meet the challenges any exam presents.
*  Stay composed and deliver in your exams.
*  Do your very best in your exams.
*  Get the results you are targeting.

ExamFIT Workshop Leaving Cert

ExamFIT Workshop Leaving Cert @
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