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ExamFIT - Workshop

Our ExamFIT Workshop is the starting point for perfecting your Exam SKILLS and getting ready to do your very best in your Leaving Cert exams.  Our ExamFIT Workshop is designed to develop and perfect the core Exam SKILLS required to approach your Leaving Cert with confidence and composure, the keys to doing your very best in your Leaving Cert exams.

Core Exam SKILLS

Through extensive research and experience with many Leaving Cert students, PERFORM in EXAMS has identified the set of core Exam SKILLS.  Exam SKILLS can be improved with focused skills training and practice.  The ExamFIT Workshop is entirely activity based, with drills and practice focused on your set of core Exam SKILLS.

Exam SKILLS = Exam Results

All students have Exam SKILLS, but some students have better Exam SKILLS than others.  Better Exam SKILLS drive better Exam RESULTS.  Your goal is to improve your Exam SKILLS and to do your very best in your exams!

Being ExamFIT, you can . . .

*  Prepare better for your exams and for delivery in your exams.

*  Manage yourself better in exams and under exam pressures.

*  Meet any and every challenge any exam presents.

*  Do you very best in your exams.

*  Get the results you are targeting.

Better Exam SKILLS =

Better Exam RESULTS

Workshop Series

Do your very best !

A Progressive Series

PERFORM in EXAMS offers its ExamFIT Workshop as the starting point to developing core Exam SKILLS.  Students complete the introductory ExamFIT Workshop.  ExamFIT Workouts are taken each week during hte Leaving Cert year to hone the skills needed to do your very best in your exams.

ExamFIT Workshop

The ExamFIT Workshop is a half day workshop focusing on assessing each individual student’s diagnostic Exam SKILLS profile.  Interactive drills are used to begin to build core Exam SKILLS.  Students will leave the ExamFIT Workshop knowing more about their own exam capability and already working – through drills and practive – on improving core Exam SKILLS.

ExamFIT Workouts

ExamFIT Workouts are designed as interactive Exam SKILLS practice sessions.  The ExamFIT Workshops cover all the core Exam SKILLS, building up both capability and confidence, the keys to being composed in an exam and doing your very best in the exam.  ExamFIT Workoutss are taken weekly.  Session lasts 75 minutes and are activity / practice based.

Workshop Schedule

Do your very best !

ExamFIT Foundation I & II

ExamFIT Foundation I & II workshops are scheduled for . . . .

Saturday, 2 September

Saturday, 9 September

Other Dates . . . to be confirmed.

ExamFIT Advanced Series

ExamFIT Advanced Session workshops are scheduled for . . . .

Saturday, 16 September

Saturday, 23 September

Other Dates . . . to be confirmed.

Venues . . .

White Room, Union Cafe, 68 Deerpark Road, Mount Merrion, Co Dublin, A94 Y6C2

Other venues . . . to be confirmed.