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Exams – The Confidence Trick!

Exams – The Confidence Trick!

Confidence is key to getting things done and getting on in life.  Books on confidence are currently among best sellers.  And it is no real surprise.  As much as people need to have and want to be confident, the feeling of being confident is often missing.  A very elusive thing, confidence!

The upshot of the research and literature on confidence is that each of us can understand better how we experience confidence.  We can learn to be more confident and more stably and reliably so in the face of challenges and obstacles.

Anyone taking a difficult exam needs to have confidence in their abililty to prepare and to PERFORM in EXAMS.  And that ‘skill’ – for it indeed is a skill – can be developed and improved.

Being confident going into an exam and with the confidence that comes from preparation and validation promotes and sustains composure in the exam room.  And composure is the key to performance during an exam.

So there is great benefit to learning how to be confident and leverage what confidence brings to performance in exams.  There are times when it is good to know we can carry off a CONFIDENCE TRICK!

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PERFORM in EXAMS supports exam takers to do their very best in their exams.  Our ExamFIT Workshops are activity based and focus on developing critical Exam SKILLS – the keys to getting ExamFIT and to do the very best in exams.



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Exam Students can improve their Exam SKILLS

. . . to do their very best in their exams.

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