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Getting ExamFIT!

Getting ExamFIT!

Getting fit is a constant focus for social media.  Everyone – young and old alike – are encouraged to get fit or fitter.  Options to facilitate getting fit are growing all the time and social media is providing all sorts of ways to get fit.

Getting ‘FIT’ to take exams and to do your best in exams is a very sound idea.  Having and using better Exam SKILLS can only lead to performing better in exams and to getting better exam results.

But what are Exam SKILLS?  Are they the same as study skills?  And are they hard to learn and to apply?  Exam SKILLS take in preparation and learning – so somewhat they include ‘study skills’ – but there is a lot more to doing well in exams that just being good at studying.

Anyone taking an exam has to have control over their subject matter material – they need to KNOW their stuff.  Exam takers also need to have confidence that they know their stuff and that they can apply themselves in an exam – they need to BELIEVE in their knowing their stuff.  And critically, exam takers need to be able to be and stay composed throughout an exam – they need to be able to DELIVER their stuff.

Having the right mix of competence, confidence, and composure is the goal for anyone looking to do their very best in their exams.  There is no real secret to this.  Everyone can learn how to prepare better, everyone can learn how to develop confidence, and everyone can learn to remain composed in an exam and no matter what.

PERFORM in EXAMS supports exam takers to do their very best in their exams.  Our ExamFIT Workshops are activity based and focus on developing critical Exam SKILLS – the keys to getting ExamFIT and to do the very best in exams.



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