Giving Back

Doing Exams

Not every ‘student’ gets to finish school and do exams.  Students need support to PERFORM as well as they are able in their exams.  And there are many students who cannot get the support they need.

Doing Your Best

Students at school need to learn Exam SKILLS as much as they need to learn their exam subjects.  But not all students have all the support they need to do their best in their exams.


Students from disadvantaged backgrounds can be more challenged than most in doing well in exams.  PERFORM has been able to support such students as often as we can.

Doing What We Can

PERFORM has provided free coaching to many students who othetwise would not be able to access support.  Workshops have been provided free to schools and free counsellings to parents also.

Support to Students

PERFORM has provided free coaching and workshop sessions to students doing school, college, and institute exams.  We are delighted to see our students PERFORM to their best in exams.

Support to Parents

Parents of students who are struggling with their exams often do not know how to give support.  Providing practical support to parents with exam challenges is key to our mission.

Giving Back

We value opportunities to help students develop Exam SKILLS.  Sometimes students cannot access the various supports – e.g., grinds, counselling – available to others.  Happily, we can be of assistance.

Our Mission

Our mission at PERFORM is to support all students, parents, and schools with exam challenges.  We are grateful to be able to help stuggling students to do their best in their exams and get results.