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Exams are challenging and can be very stressful.  Reliably good Exam SKILLS are needed to PERFORM well in exams, meeting whatever challenges the exams present.  Strong Exam SKILLS complement and enhance Study SKILLS.

How Can We Help ?

PERFORM in EXAMS – Our ExamFIT courses and ExamCOACH sessions are proven to build effective and reliable Exam SKILLS, giving students confidence and composure to succeed in exam settings and against all exam demands.

Our Passion

With 35+ years experience of helping students through exams, our passion is all about you, the development of your Exam SKILLS, and your success in preparing for and performing as well as possible in your exams.


Exam SKILLS can be learned, practiced, and improved to make them more effective, robust, and reliable when exams challenge you to do your very best and to get the exam results you are hoping for.

Keys to Exam Success

Reassuring yourself that you can do it!

Competence . . . knowing

Exams test knowledge and students are expected to prepare well for exams to allow their knowledge and competence to be assessed.

Confidence . . . Believing

Students need to know that they have prepared well, that they know their subject material, and that their reading of how well they know their material is accurate and realistic.

Composure . . . Delivering

The key to delivering in exams is to be able to remain composed no matter what questions are asked or what happens during the exam.

I Can EXAM √

We're Doing the Leaving !

Leaving Cert

The Leaving Cert is a big pressure point for students.  Leaving Cert results – expressed as points for CAO purposes – are used for important decisions about college entrance and course admissions.  Exam SKILLS are vitally important as you try to do your best in the Leaving and get the results you need!

The Points Race

The Leaving Cert exam is most associated with ‘the points race’.  Students looking to CAO choices and preferences require points levels that are effectively competitive, given the demand for high profile college courses.  Points requirements may vary slightly year to year, but the pressure persists.

Valuable Life SKILLS!

Exam SKILLS can be learned  any time and effectively prepare students for exams at all stages of their exposure to exam challenges, from Junior Cert onwards.  Exams SKILLS learned for the Junior and Leaving Certs remain valuable as they are transferable to other exam settings in colleges and institutes.

A Family Thing !

Some 63,000+ families do the Leaving each and every year!  For many, the Leaving is indeed a ‘family thing’, influencing many aspects of the family’s Leaving Cert year, creating many stress points, and typically explaining the exasperation in the often-heard comment . . . ‘We’re doing the Leaving !’

Your Exam SKILLS

Self-Assessment Test

All students take exams. 

But some students have better Exam SKILLS and perform better at exams than others!

Every student has his or her own individual Exam SKILLS profile. 

Good exam performance requires knowledge of your Exam SKILLS set strengths and weaknesses. 

Students need to ensure that their Exam SKILLS are effective and robust and that they do not make avoidable mistakes.

Our Exam SKILLS Quick Self-Assessment Test allows you to profile your key Exam SKILLS.

Managing Time

Do you sometimes run out of time and not complete all the questions on an exam paper?

YES ? . . . NO ?

Reading Questions

Do you sometimes misread questions on an exam paper and present an incomplete or wrong answer?

YES ? . . . NO ?

Experiencing Exam Blocks

Do you sometimes experience ‘Exam Blocks’ and struggle to settle and continue your exam?

YES ? . . . NO ?

Answering All Questions

Do you sometimes choose to answer some questions well rather than attempt all questions required?

YES ? . . . NO ?

Picking Up Marks

Do you sometimes feel uncertain about what marks are on offer or how to pick up marks for your answers?

YES ? . . . NO ?

Having Panic Attacks

Do you sometimes have ‘panic attacks’ in the run up to an exam or during an exam?

YES ? . . . NO ?

Leaving Exam Early

Do you sometimes leave the exam room early owing to exam anxiety or difficulties with the exam?

YES ? . . . NO ?

Performing as Expected

Do you sometimes leave the exam thinking that you did not perform as you were expecting?

YES ? . . . NO ?

Achieving Results

Do you sometimes get poorer results than your study preparation and school and mock exams indicate?

YES ? . . . NO ?

Preparing Properly

Do you sometimes fail to prepare properly for exams, only to appreciate that when the exam starts?

YES ? . . . NO ?

Thinking Positively

Do you sometimes struggle to think positively about your exam ability and your exam performance?

YES ? . . . NO ?

Answer YES
to Any Questions?

 If YES,  then you can improve your Exam SKILLS and your exam performance!

If you answered YES to more than one or several, there is definite room for improvement and you can improve the way you approach and engage with exams, leading to better and more consistent exam performance!


Client Testimonials

Over many years, our work has spanned Junior and Leaving Cert, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and professional institute exams.

We are delighted to have been able to help many students improve their exams skills, build their confidence and composure with exam challenges, and deliver on their performance targets in exams !

A, Dublin

The support I received allowed me to change how I reacted to my anxiety with exams and made the difference in getting me through my BComm finals.

J, Dublin
Leaving Cert

My ambitious targets for my Leaving proved too demanding and I benefitted greatly from the support, drills, and coaching – and got the results I needed !

G, Dublin
Junior Cert

The Junior Cert was my first big exam and I enjoyed learning about how to approach and do exams.  I coped better with the exams.  Thanks for the help !

A, Dublin

Failing exams had become too frequent an experience. I was delighted to break this cycle and, with great ideas and drills, managed to complete my finals.

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Reassuring yourself that you can do it!

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