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Learning From Examiner Reports

Learning From Examiner Reports

Getting exam results often signals the end of exams.  Yet the aftermath of any exam cycle often has a valuable source of information – the reports compiled by the examiners. 

Examiner reports aim to review how the exams themselves performed: how well the paper was structured and how well the questions were answered.  Very often these reports come to vital pieces of information – how the exam takers responded both well and, importantly, not so well to the exam questions.

Typically, two types of exam difficulties are noted.  Firstly, the reports would document the subject matter challenges as evidenced by the answers given.  This material is useful to those responsible for setting the exam questions and is very valuable for exam takers looking to gain insight into the ‘requirements’ of those setting and marking exams.  Think ‘harvesting marks’!

Secondly, the reports tend to document the failures with exam ‘technique’, the very ability of exam takers to manage and deliver performance in their exams.  Two things are of interest here.  One is the very valuable account of the common errors and pitfalls evidenced in exam performance, things that are more to do with the exam takers’ approach and delivery than with their subject matter knowledge.  The second thing – the clincher, one might say – is the regular reference to the very one thing that exam takers can address and improve:  consistently making the same mistakes year after year.  And those mistakes being made in spite of these notable ‘advices’ in those very same examiner reports.

So Exam SKILLS are indeed worthy of attention:  helping in preparation; assisting with focus; understanding exam protocol and procedures; being there in the exam room; responding to what is being asked; avoiding unhelpful distractions; identifying and correcting mistakes; managing time; putting it all together – whatever than means! – to PERFORM in EXAMS.

Clearly a lot of work for us to do here!

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PERFORM in EXAMS supports exam takers to do their very best in their exams.  Our ExamFIT Workshops are activity based and focus on developing critical Exam SKILLS – the keys to getting ExamFIT and to do the very best in exams.



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