Leaving Cert 2024 – Already Focused on Exam Results!

Leaving Cert 2024 – Already Focused on Exam Results!

The Leaving Cert 2024 is already up and running.  The Leaving Cert Class of 2024 is starting into their crunch year.  As circumstances go currently, we are having to get used to the start of this year’s Leaving Cert year being dominated, well, by last year’s Leaving Cert.  The first week back at school and the media attention has been full-on Leaving Cert 2023, with the belated release of the exam results and this year’s CAO offers.   

The Leaving Cert Class of 2023 have had to be patient over the long Summer.  Starting in to their own Leaving Cert year, the Class of 2024 have a full year to travel to their own results and CAO news. 

And it is important to appreciate that this year is still nine full months to the exams themselves – a lot of time to focus on getting prepared and working steadily.

Experience suggests that the perception and experience of exam pressures build over this critical time.  Some students travel readily through the exam year.  Yet it is a difficult year for many students.

September of an exam year is a time for planning and getting back to work.  Developing an on-going sense of being on top of things is very worthwhile and key to avoiding anxiety triggers – uncertainty over where one is, concern over difficult subjects or curriculum areas, fatique from overwork, perception of increasing pressures.

PERFORM in EXAMS supports exam takers to do their very best in their exams.  Our ExamFIT Workshops are activity based and focus on developing robust Exam SKILLS – the keys to getting well prepared.

Being prepared, confident, and composed – being ExamFIT – allows each exam taker to do their very best in their exams.

Look out for our upcoming ExamFIT Workshops and our Autumn programme of Webinars aimed at exam takers and those parents often heard to say that ‘we’re doing the Leaving’!



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