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Mission imPOSSIBLE!

Mission imPOSSIBLE!

Mission Impossible.  The movies have been big box office. But it was the TV series and those self-destructing messages that caught everyone’s imagination and attention. Yet the TV series and the movies proved one point. All the drama of impossible missions aside, all the missions were, well, possible!

When it comes to addressing challenges, words matter. Impossible … sets a tone, a negative expectation. Possible … sets a challenge, an expectation of there being a solution. We all learn to think as we develop. And mostly we rely on language to carry our thought processes.

How we talk to ourselves effectively defines a lot about us as individuals. Appreciating how we talk to ourselves and the effects on our mood, attitude, and behaviour could be regarded as an important skill. There is a lot to be learned in life about how we talk to ourselves and how we can talk to ourselves in more constructive and enabling ways.

Anyone faced with a challenge can judge the task at hand somewhere along the continuum of hard to easy, from impossible perhaps to doable, somehow perhaps. But the adoption of an attitude – it’s impossible … it’s doable – is itself perhaps the most enabling or indeed destructive point in addressing any challenge. A lot flows that such a decision, even if the ‘decision’ is unconscious or reflecting an orientation – optimism vs pessimism.

There is a reason why coaching is now big business in all walks of life, at work, in sports, and in any environment where people have to or need to perform optimally. A good coach is able to faciliate the ability of someone to coach themselves, to see things in ways that facilitate constuctive action towards a goal.

Students preparing for exams and for exams with a lot riding on the outcome can influence their orientation, their focus, their management, and their result by learning to appreciate how they talk to themselves.  Studying on their own or working in an exam, the orientation taken can only influence how they go about their preparation and how they establish the basis for their performance.

Any student preparing for an exam can learn to improve how they think about their exam challenges and how they talk to themselves to set and to maintain themselves on the right path to PERFORM in EXAMS.

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