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The Analytics of EXAMS

The Analytics of EXAMS Analytics has been the rebranding and rehabilitation of ‘statistics’ – that of the lies, dammed lies, and . . . Analytics

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About FeedBACK

About FeedBACK FeedBACK is the best friend of anyone looking to develop their ability to PERFORM. We learn in many different ways and to individual

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Under Pressure

Under Pressure Amateur psychologists – all of us, everybody – will offer advice on how to perform under pressure.  This suggests less that they have

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The Practice Paradox

The Practice Paradox Anyone looking to develop and perfect a skill knows the purpose and value of practice.  After all, PRACTICE makes PERFECT!  Or so

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Audit Your Exam SKILLS!

Audit Your Exam SKILLS! Anyone taking an exam – at school, at college, for professional certification – has to demonstrate not just subject knowledge but

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Mission imPOSSIBLE!

Mission imPOSSIBLE! Mission Impossible.  The movies have been big box office. But it was the TV series and those self-destructing messages that caught everyone’s imagination

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