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So That’s Serendipity!

So That’s Serendipity!

Accidents do Happen . . .

Every business has a story. Our story at PERFORM in EXAMS has all the hallmarks of an accident. For the business is growing from a simple request for help . . .

A Son, His Parents, and His Final College Exams

One Spring morning, the son of a friend announced that he was not going to take his final degree exams. The looming exams were stressing him out and he could not take the pressure any more. Sorry, Mom and Dad, no way am I taking those exams!

Johnny’s Mindset

A coffee soon after with Johnny – not his real name – confirmed Johnny’s position. Too much stress with exams. Repeating earlier exam stresses. Anxiety undermining preparation. Exam walkouts. Under performance. Failures. Muddling through. No stomach for more of the same.

Making Progress . . .

Long story, short . . . Johnny managed to regroup, but with a lot of help. Every week. Every few days. In truth, Johnny found it tough. But Johnny did pass all his ten (10) final college exams, over three exam sittings. No walkouts. The tenth pass, eventually, . .  and it was done!

Down to Business . . .

There was never a thought of the various assists to Johnny being the basis for a business idea. Yet Johnny was replaced many times by Marys, Michaels. It seems the story somehow got out and about! Exam understanding was proving valuable, really valuable in practical and meaningful ways.

A Point of Difference Vs A Market Need . . .

The assists with exams being given were not subject teaching or grinds. The focus was always on exam preparation and the psychology of performance on the run-in to and especially in the heat of the exam halls.

PERFORM in EXAMS was Born . . .

PERFORM in EXAMS is still in its ‘formative’ years as a business. Yet we are addressing a real need in an innovative and effective way. It is a business with a long story and a shorter history as a business.

PERFORM in EXAMS is the result of many years of supporting students to do their best in exams. Exams at second level – Leaving Cert and Junior Cert. Exams at third level – College exams through to finals. Exams at professional institutes – accounting, law.

A Few Words of Appreciation . . .

Thank you, Johnny.

Thank you to all those students – and parents – who have shaped our understanding of what it is to PERFORM in EXAMS.  Those students whose challenges have laid the foundation for PERFORM in EXAMS to work still to support students to do their very best in their exams.

The full story of the PERFORM in EXAMS accident – of our serendipity moment – can be found here:

Our journey – at PERFORM in EXAMS – to innovate and support students to do their very best in their exams continues . . . WATCH THIS SPACE!

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