Parents Do Exams!

Parents really do do the exams!  Experience suggests that parents often struggle with managing their kids and themselves through the long and often arduous exam cycles. And very often parents need as much support as their kids doing the exams. 

Work with Parents

Over many years, PERFORM in EXAMS has worked with almost as many parents as students.  Very often parents find that they themselves need support.  PERFORM in EXAMS has advised and suported parents through ‘their’ exams!

How Can We Help ?

PERFORM in EXAMS can work with parents and parent groups in schools to support them through the exam cycles.  Information evenings on exams can be delivered to parent groups in schools.

Our Passion

With 35+ years experience of helping students through exams, our passion at PERFORM in EXAMS is all about the development of Exam SKILLS and helping students and their parents to prepare to get the best results in exams.