The Leaving Cert – A Family Affair ?

Each and every year some 55,000 plus students take the Leaving Cert.  And another 55,000 plus students enter Fifth Year and the first year of the two year Leaving Cert cycle.  That is 110,000 plus families engaged at any one time with the Leaving Cert!

Very often, parents say that ‘we’re doing the Leaving’.  And in truth, they are right!

The Leaving Cert very often consumes not only the attention and energy of the student, it often dominates the family year.

The Leaving Cert can create anxiety and stress for many parents.  While some parents might create additional pressure to perform, most parents simply want their sons and daughters to achieve what they are capable of.  But the pressure of exam results, CAO points, and seemingly life-influencing decisions can test the resolve and patience of even the most settled families.