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Well Done!  Good Luck!  Believe in Yourself!

It’s here – the Leaving starts tomorrow.  Two years of hard work.  A time to appreciate all the hard work.  And a time to remember to believe – in all the work and preparation and, critically, in yourself!

Most exam takers will be doubting something.  Their preparation.  Their coverage of possible questions.  Their ability to handle themselves in the exams.  Their resilience in the face of mistakes or road bumps along the way.  Their stamina to last two or three more hard weeks.  Themselves!

Belief in yourself is key.  It is what holds things together.  Especially if there are doubts.  Or if problems arise when they are least welcome – around about and in the exam hall.

The examination that is the Leaving Cert can be overwhelming and it is critical to maintain a sense of perspective.  About your preparation.  About your ability.  About your resilence.  About you, yourself. 

And it is helpful to remember that self-believe needs to be worked on and refreshed through a challenge such as the Leaving.  It is not that this is unusual – self-belief is rarely a constant.

So appreciate your preparation, your ability, your resilience, your exam fitness and stamina. 



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