What is Exam COACH ?

What can you expect of an Exam COACH sessions?  The Exam COACH objective is always simple and practical – to work one-to-one with individual exam takers to build effective and robust skills key to success in exams.

Most students experience exam anxiety and some students struggle to deal with the demands that exams place on them.  Students often repeat the same mistakes in exams leading to a pattern of poor performance and an unhelpful cycle of anxiety creation and maintenance.

Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses in an exam setting is key to being able to prepare better and to perform well in the exam room.  Exam COACH provides one-to-one Exam SKILLS coaching to students who find exams particularly challenging and stressful.

Exam COACH sessions give individual attention to those who may benefit better from one-to-one coaching. Exam COACH aims to equip exam takers with the self-understanding and necessary Exam SKILLS to prepare for exams and to perform reliably well in the exam room.