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Focus on . . .

The key to performing well in exams is to identify, know, and address your strengths and weaknesses in approaching and managing yourself in exams. 

Knowing your specific strengths and weaknesses – as evidenced by your own experience with past exams – is the first step and the best way to improve your exam management skills and achieve better and more consistent performance in exams.


Individual Attention

Many students struggle to overcome their individual challenges within group and class settings and can benefit from one-to-one support.

The Exam COACH  philosophy is to work one-to-one with exam takers to improve their understanding of their own personal exam challenges and to develop and rebalance their Exam SKILL set.


All Students are Different

All students take exams, but some students have better Exam Skills than others.  Knowing your Exam SKILLS strengths and weaknesses is critical to building confidence and composure.

Every student is different and has an individual profile of Exam Skills and their own personal challenges with exams.  Exam COACH allows more individual attention to the specific personal challenges of students who find exams particularly challenging and stressful.


Resilience . . .
A Personal Thing

Composure and the resilience it brings to PERFORMing in an exam is a very personal thing and sometimes requires individual attention to develop and settle.

Composure is an exam allows you to weather all problems, whether due to mistakes – common – or accidents – also common – or individual problems – also very common.